Wednesday, February 20, 2013

VeggieTales Extravaganza - Happy 2nd Birthday Sephira

     For Sephira's 2nd Birthday, we decided to throw her a VeggieTales Themed Birthday Extravaganza.  I began with Green, Purple, Yellow, and White Cardstock Paper from Joanns.  I printed VeggieTales Images on white Cardstock paper and started cutting out the circular designs using "The Paper Studio" Paper Punchers I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I glued three of them together to create image coins to decorate the center of the invitation.  I then designed the wording of the invitation and created a space in the center of the card for the image coins.  I printed the wording out on White Cardstock paper and then cut the scalloped edges with a Martha Stewart Edge Paper Puncher that I purchased at Joanns and glued it to the Green Cardstock paper.  I then purchased red ribbon with white polka dots and purple satin ribbon and glued them down to the middle of the card and cut the ribbons even with the edge of the cards once the glue dried.  Then I glued the image coin on top of the invitation and viola, the card was complete.  I decided to add a little flair to the envelopes so I printed the same VeggieTales image to the envelope as well as the Return and Shipping Addresses directly onto the envelopes and got them in the mail.

Time to Decorate...

     I cut strips of construction paper and cardstock paper then used a Martha Stewart Edge Paper Puncher and punched all the edges of each strip of paper.  Then I looped them all together into long strands to hang around the party area.  Leave it to me to bring back an old time decorating idea!

     Then I cut strips of Tulle fabric and created tulle poms as additional decoration to hang from the ceiling.  I also purchased some crepe paper streamers and created a beautiful canopy with all three hanging items!  Here's how all that turned out:

Here's some more of the decorations...  A balloon bouquet with Bob and Larry Welcomed our guests and along with the paper chain, I enlarged and printed VeggieTales images and made mini posters to add to the lighting banister to finish off the decorations!

Then I got busy putting together the Favor Bags and filler items...

     Every child got a Favor Bag that included:  (2) Activity Sheets, (1) 8Ct Large Washable Crayola Colors, (1) VeggieTales reusable cup with lid and straw, (10) VeggieTales Bandages, (8) VeggieTales Wrist Bands, (1) VeggieTales Travel Sticker Activity Sheet, (2) VeggieTales Stickers Sheets, (2) Fruit Rollups, (1) Ring Pop, and a small handful of chocolate!

The Grown-Ups got a small goodie bag as well... who doesn't like chocolate and gum!

     I got crafty again and created "Carrots" with the dinner napkins, utensils and glitter pipe cleaners.  Then I finished decorating the table with some VeggieTales toys and I filled a large vase with some of Sephira's plastic vegetables and here's how it all turned out!

     It was finally time to decide on a menu and prep the food and supplies for the meal.  I don't know what got into me, especially after how exhausted I was last year making the lasagna but I decided on Crispy Taco's, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese and Tortilla Chips for the meal!  I wanted to do something that offered lots of vegetables to go with the VeggieTales theme as well as something delicious that everyone would enjoy so that's what I came up with.  Doesn't it look super yummy?

     I also decided to make cupcakes instead of dealing with more fondant.  Especially since the meal was more work then the lasagna for Sephira's first Birthday party.  And because I decided to do Cupcakes, I decided to create little decorations for each cupcake and I even purchase cupcake stands and decorated them too.  The cupcake decorations were just double sided image coins like I created for the invitations only I added a lollypop stick in between the two sides to create a little decoration stick for the cupcakes.

Once I had the Cupcake decorations completed, I purchased some cupcake boxes and all the ingredients needed to make cupcakes and butter cream icing from scratch.  I purchased the cupcake boxes so that the cupcakes and icing wouldn't dry out overnight before the party and I waited till the day before the party to make, ice and decorated the cupcakes.  I made Vanilla with chocolate chips, Chocolate, and Red Velvet with white chocolate chips cupcakes. Here's how they turned out:

The morning of the party, I sat all the cupcakes out on the cupcake stands and finished all the decorating!  Here's how all that turned out:

The last thing I did the night before the party was to blow up a ton of balloons and leave them out all over the floor.  I knew Sephira and all the kiddos would have a blast with them at the party!

A Little more paper chain, a front door Welcome sign and a Bouncy Castle completed the exterior entertainment area!

I also made Sephira's Birthday attire, a Tutu skirt and a VeggieTales themed top with two purple flower clips... I managed to catch a glimpse of her as she ran past me in the top and white shorts but couldn't catch her in the Tutu.  Oh well, she plays in the tutu all the time now so I guess it was worth making it!

And of course another party was a success!!!  We had a wonderful time with family and friends and Sephira enjoyed getting to play with all the kids that came.  Now its time to plan a surprise party for my Husbands 30th Birthday!!!

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